When I was a young girl, I was very shy and had no self-confidence.  I always had a few close friends, but didn’t feel like I fit in with the rest of the kids at school.  I think we come into our lives to learn certain things, to develop our strengths through the challenges we face, and that this actually helps the evolution of the planet as we work through our challenges and struggles and overcome them.

I experienced events when I was 3 yrs. old which created the belief in myself that the world was not safe and that it was best to protect myself by not sharing openly.  For me, my challenge has been to believe in myself and develop high self-esteem.  This is part of discovering my strengths.   I have been working on personal development my whole life, especially my own and then helping others.  At first, becoming a social worker helped me gain more confidence and work through many issues in my life.  I got divorced when I learned to take better care of myself.  Having the courage to get divorced despite not having the support of my family due to religious beliefs at the time was one of the major positive turning points in my life, showing me that I could do anything if I listen inside to what I really desired.

The next turning point was my connection to Spirit.  This has become my biggest joy in life and greatest strength.  I learned how to tune into and clear energy and I started doing this for myself and my family, which has changed everything.  It has helped me make amazing changes in life, like start my own business, several times!  And, I have learned to believe in myself.  Others only believe in you if you do.  I have learned what it takes to be successful, working with Spirit, The Law of Attraction and how to market and present yourself, showing your value to others.  It can be difficult if you have not realized your full value.  It takes a lot of transformation to create this kind of change.  It takes a lot to develop a successful business.

I have been committed to aligning myself with wholeness, emotional healing and energetic alignment for the past 13 years.  Using energy work and energy techniques to facilitate personal change over the last 13 years has been quite different than just using personal growth techniques.  The transformation is more complete!  The change happens much easier.

What I discovered, as I cleared away limiting beliefs, hidden fears, programs, agreements, patterns of behavior, subconscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions and other energies that I had attracted over my lifetime, was that I became a clear channel for my own inner wisdom and was easily connected to my joy, inner knowing, passions, excitement, confidence and alignment.  It was easy to know that what excites me is connected to my soul alignment.  Through that connection, I release all that is not in alignment with that joy, excitement and truth of purpose.

It came with some pain along the way.  One of the hardest things in my life was a lot of family stress and personal issues leading to leaving the business I loved and going back to a regular job.  Family stressors affected my energy and I was not fully doing what I loved any longer.  We created a large amount of debt in funding this business and I chose to go back to traditional work to pay this back since I was not able to hold the positive energy of my business at the time.  Leaving my business felt like heart break and that’s what I felt in my personal life, too.  I learned a lot and have healed from the resulting pain and depression.  I want to help others get through difficult times like these so they can keep doing what they love or keep working on making it happen.  Watch the Staying with Your Passion webinar link below to hear more about my challenge.

One of my greatest joys was leaving the world of regular jobs for the 2nd time.  It is not enough to know what you want to do.  Often, there are many issues and aspects to heal before you are able to stand in your strength and do what you love.  This creates such a feeling of independence and joy!

I have a deep desire to help others clear away whatever prevents them from being who they truly are.  Assisting others who desire the self-confidence to believe in themselves and create joy in their lives is my greatest joy!  I would like to assist you in honoring your truth and transformation.  I also know that you have the ability to do work that you love and that you have clues to what this is by noticing what excites you and gives you more energy.  I’d like to assist you in creating this in your life.

My intention is to help you to recognize thoughts, actions and behaviors that are not supporting you.  I will help you align your energy so you have the confidence and belief in yourself to create a life you love and step into it in a big way!  You get to decide how you want your life to be.

My primary focus is getting in alignment so you can create the life, relationships, income and work or business that you desire.  I’m very excited to help you create this because of my transformation.  I went from someone with very low self-esteem to someone with confidence and really owning my value and being able to create businesses, loving relationships and the lifestyle I desire.  When you value yourself, others do too.  I love helping clients get to this place!

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My Background

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Southern Maine.  I have 20+ years of experience as a social worker with adults & children.

I graduated from a two-year Advanced Polarity Practitioner Program from The Polarity Realization Institute in Portland, ME and became certified as a Registered Polarity Practitioner.

I completed The RYSE Practitioner Program from The Polarity Realization Program in Ipswich, MA.

I have taken courses from The Upledger Foundation, including Craniosacral 1 & 2,  Somatoemotional Release 1.

These courses, especially Somatoemotional Release, really helped me listen to issues in client’s bodies and energy and help them to listen.

I took several classes from author, Karen Kingston, including Space Clearing, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui & Advanced Space Clearing.  I still love Feng Shui, mostly working with color, symbolism and the flow of energy!

I completed the Embodying Fluidity modules with Mary MacNab of Delphic Wave.

I completed an at-home study course in coaching from Coach Training Alliance and integrate coaching with my energy work.

I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

I received training in The Now Technique directly from the creator, Vincenzo Santiglia, using the breath and the triune brain.

I am also certified as a Kundalini Reiki Master and offer sessions and attunements in Kundalini Reiki. See Kundalini Reiki Classes.

I also offer Gold Reiki and Purple Reiki to Kundalini Reiki Masters.

I am a certified Lightarian™ Institute Teacher, trained to offer  Lightarian™ Ray Attunements or Workshops from theLightarian™ Institute.

I am a Lightarian™ Reiki Master and am certified to teach Lightarian Reiki. I also offer Lightarian™Clearings.

I am trained to assist you in discovering subconscious beliefs that hold you back and also in teaching you how you can create what you desire in life and business.

I have self-studied with NLP and often include aspects of this work in my sessions.  I also incorporate The Work of Byron Katie and The Sedona Method, and, of course, The Law of Attraction, which is really a principle of energy that I learned when I was in school, “Like attracts like”.

I have taken many other classes on business, social media and marketing and have learned much along the way from experience of having a business for 13 years.

When I went to school, we were advised to get individual sessions to clear our own blocked energy.  If your energy is blocked, you can’t work on others very well.  So, I have received hundreds of sessions, and still do, to keep my energy clear to be able to work energetically with others.  My sessions also helped me develop my psychic abilities and the ability to tune in to energy systems and receive messages from Guidance and to be a channel.  I work with many Guides, as do we all.