Lightarian Clearings

These are powerful clearing attunements, connected to Ascended Master El Morya.  I recommend them for everyone I worked with!  They clear so much of your past issues and attachments!

These attunements are offered through other programs or by themselves.

The Lightarian™ Clearing Program is a series of six levels of in-depth, multi-level clearing techniques for support in ‘having the full force of Light in your Life’

Clearing, healing, activation and manifestation are the four general areas of personal development. The clearing of our energy fields is a vital part of our personal transformation and ascension process. The Lightarian Clearing™ Program provides unique, effective methods for the releasing of counter-productive limiting belief structures and mental/emotional/physical stored energy patterns and programming, from one’s energy/light matrix.

The Lightarian Clearing™ Program is a series of six unique, simple and effective energetic activations, divinely inspired by Ascended Master El Morya. These energetic activations are designed to assist you along your path of spiritual Self-Discovery.

Please note . . .the Level 1 Lightarian™ Path Clearing is the pre-requisite for the remaining Clearing levels . . each subsequent level follows in sequence until completion of all six levels.

Level 1: Lightarian™ Path Clearing
Each person enters into this lifetime with their own unique energy/light matrix. Interwoven within this energy/light matrix, are the chakras, the subtle bodies and the belief structures and their associated mental, emotional and physical energies both productive and counterproductive in nature. The term ‘Shadow Tapestry’ has been coined to define the energetic elements that impedes our journey of Self-Discovery. Level 1 – Lightarian™ Path Clearing, assists in the releasing of this ‘Shadow Tapestry’.


Level 2: Lightarian™ Birth Pattern Removal

Stored within the energy/light matrix at birth, are a variety of deeply ingrained patterns, both productive and counterproductive in nature. These patterns consist of physical generational lineage and genetics, tribal belief structures, and the overall human planetary consciousness. Lightarian™ Level 2 Birth Pattern Removal assists in the release of the counterproductive patterns that impede our journey of Self-Discovery.


Level 3: Lightarian™ Template Clearing
Through the Lightarian™ level 1 and level 2 clearing program, rebalancing will have begun taking place within the energy/light matrix. Lightarian™ Level 3 Template Clearing assists in releasing the deeper patterns from within the etheric body matrix or ‘etheric template’.


Level 4: Lightarian™ Attachment Removal
After the Lightarian™ Level 3 Template Clearing assists in releasing the deeper patterns from within the etheric body matrix or ‘etheric template’, a further clearing of very subtle, thread-like etheric energies can be released from the energy/light matrix. These thread-like connecters or ‘attachment energies’ can vary between wispy thin etheric spider web like structures to thick cable-like tentacles. Through Level 4 Lightarian™ Attachment Removal, these thread-like etheric energies are removed.


Level 5: Lightarian™ Lineage Clearing
After Level 4 Lightarian™ Attachment Removal, access to the higher vibrational energy/light matrix can be reached. The Lightarian™ level 5 Lineage Clearing clears and rebalances this more subtle level of the energy/light matrix.


Level 6: Lightarian™ Veil Removal

After the Level 5 Lightarian™ Lineage Clearing has been carried out, the ‘veil’ clouding your ability to see/feel/perceive with clarity can now begin to dissipate. The Level 6 Lightarian™ Veil Removal, assists in clearing the energetic imbalance thus enabling a higher level of clarity can ensue.


Client Clearings Package-$360


Teacher Clearings Package-$660  

All teacher level clearings include manual, registration and teacher certification with Lightarian™ Institute, attunement and  certificate.

All client level clearings include Connection/Attunement by Distance and Audio Guided Meditation and client information packet.

Both levels include support and guidance.

** There are excerpts included above about The Lightarian™ Programs which are sourced from the main Lightarian™ website at **

* Each of the Lightarian™ Trainings is complete in and of itself and can be facilitated immediately upon completion and subsequent registration with the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation (L.I.G.H.T.) Each of the Lightarian™ Trainings builds upon the other until all the programs are completed.

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