Platinum Plan

Yearly Intensive Inspiration & Presence for Creating a Big Change, Platinum Level Support for:

Being your Authentic Unique Self

  • Stepping Out Bigger
  • Sharing Your Unique Gifts
  • Discovering What You Are Here To Do
  • Creating the Life You Desire
  • Leading a Passionate Life
  • Changing aspects of your life to support your goals and passion

This Service Includes:

  • 36 sixty minute+ coaching and energy clearing telephone or skype sessions over the year.
    (Six sessions every two months of the year to allow for 1-2 week breaks from the intensive work we will do.)
  • 2 additional sessions scheduled sometime in the year
  • Includes unlimited email support & Spiritual
    Guidance (I tune in to Spirit when I answer emails)
  • Short energy clearing sessions by distance, up to two per week at first, then up to 1 per month after 3 months, so if you have an issue come up, we can address it from a distance fairly soon (usually within 6-24 hours) to resolve the issue.
  • 5 classes and energy clearings which teach you how to clear your own energy systems and 5 clearing CD’s to listen to, which will help you clear your own energy throughout the year and after!
  • Refreshers and reminders for this work throughout the year and also suggestions for which CD’s to listen to when you have an issue to clear.
  • Spend 3 intensive VIP days with me of coaching, clearing, clarifying goals, shifting your mindset.
  • Receive questionnaire to complete prior to VIP days so we can maximize our time together.
  • Receive customized tools and meditations created just for you.
  • Attend classes offered through the year.

This Service will inspire you to be your best self, challenge you to be more authentic, discover, connect with and share your Gifts and Strengths.
You will find within your innermost recesses who you really want to be. And, we will help you create it in your life over the course of the year. This kind of coaching and support offers Spiritual and energetic support for creating changes in your life and is there for you at the moments when you would otherwise be struggling with the changes you are making in your life.

Making these deep changes in your life, whether about family issues, career, spirituality, self-esteem, happiness or all of the above, often cause a lot of issues to come up to deal with. This program will help Guide you through those changes and offer caring support when you need it most, unlike most intensive programs that are available.

The level of energy clearing, coaching and balancing support will guide you to making changes that you didn’t think were possible in your life and really help support you in the process. The in-between clearings will continue to support and guide you at a deep level.

If you are making changes in your business or creating a business, it will affect every other aspect of your life. To make changes effectively, you will address all other areas of your life.

Please, don’t sign up for this program unless you are ready for major changes in your life. We will set up a time to talk to make sure you know what you’re in for: Major Changes.

6-Month Option available, email me if you are interested in either option and we will set up a time to talk.