Purple Reiki

Purple Reiki is an advanced attunement that is only available to Kundalini Reiki Masters.  If you would like more information on this, go to Kundalini Reiki Certification.

Purple Reiki helps clears blocked energy.  Most healing and energy clearing does this, but this form of reiki is very powerful and clears really blocked energy, energy that has been blocked for a long time and other types of energy healing has not been able to clear.  You may experience what is called a healing crisis as you or your clients receive this energy, which means the issue may be activated or intensified as it is cleared.  Keep using the purple reiki as you feel called and it will clear big issues as you continue.  There is one symbol used in this healing.


Purple Reiki Attunement                          $30.00

Email andrea@alignyourenergy.com for payment.

You will receive the manual and attunement by email.  You will be able to attune others to Purple Reiki also, as long as they are Kundalini Reiki Masters.