Spiritual Healer Training Plan

For Healing, Peace, Ascension, Integrity, Strength, Increased Connection to Source & Spirit. Contact me if you are interested in discussing how this plan could fit into your desires of becoming an energy healer or gaining more skills, clarity and techniques as an energy healer.

Healing Plan includes:

  • Lightarian Ray Teacher Attunements:
    Empowerment- connected to Lord Maitreya
    Clearing- connected to El Morya
    Healing- connected to Buddha
    Activation- connected to Sananda
    Manifestation- connected to St. Germain
    Source Ray-connected to other Ascended Masters
  • Lightarian Clearing Attunements
  • 9 Energy Alignment Sessions with me-energy clearings to be used to help you adjust to these activations and attunements you are going through as you increase your Ascension Process, your connection to Spirit, your inner knowing, your ability to hold your integrity and strength and to open up to your Guidance.  These sessions are also available for supervision for the healing work you are doing.
    Or, you can receive 2 additional Energy Alignment Clearing Sessions with me if you don’t need the above Attunements at the Teacher level to pass on to others, if you are just working on healing yourself. You will receive them at the Client Level instead.
  • RYSE Program including 5 individual distance classes and energy clearings, which show you how to clear your own energy and 5 Clearing CD’s to assist you in keeping your energy clear/balanced which also clear your energy, RYSE Book about subtle energy systems
  • Email Support & Guidance throughout program (I tune in to Spirit and Guides when I respond to emails).
  • Several (6) short distance clearings, as needed, to support you in the process of change from this plan.
  • Usui Reiki Master Certification if you do not already have this or you can receive these attunements again.
    Required for Lightarian Reiki.
  • Kundalini Reiki Master Certification
  • Gold Reiki
  • Purple Reiki
  • Access to Color Healing Webinar
  • Lightarian Reiki Master Certification, including Buddhic Boost, if you have not received Shamballa or Karuna Reiki

Length will be 9 to 18 months, depending on your ability to integrate these energies. I will be available for support and guidance through the program.

Payment Plans Available

You will receive a Healer’s Certificate upon completion.

Additional Sessions with me are available at a discounted rate.