“Twenty years of therapy… ten years of yoga… but after just a few phone consultations with Andrea, I finally feel change, growth and possibility in every cell of my body! I couldn’t tell you how she does it – most of the time I have my eyes closed, sitting in front of my laptop all the way over in Switzerland, while she clears my energy.

Without asking a lot of questions, she zooms right in on the heart of whatever obstacle I might be facing (myself for example). As a writer I especially appreciate her clear words and powerful images. After every session I feel a deep, even physical sense of lightness and strength.

I feel like I am finally becoming who I am supposed to be – who I am.  Thank you, Andrea.” 

Milena Moser, Writer, Teacher,http://www.milenamoser.com/


“I still feel that wonderful feeling of being balanced and lighter, open and strong!

You are so gifted … couldn’t be who I am today without your assistance.
My emotional, physical and spiritual being continue to benefit from our life coaching and energy clearing sessions….your insight and guidance, plus my willingness to work has created a great partnership!”

Susan  Dey,
Los Angeles, CA


“I have had two energy alignment sessions with Andrea. After the first one, I felt so clear and have brought incredible manifestations into my life. Andrea helped me to connect with my spirit and together I was guided to release some limitations I had been carrying for years, if not this lifetime. Wow! I have manifested in bringing a new freedom of thinking with virtually no fear. I got a bonus at my current job, which I am leaving, and got offered a fantastic new job in my new chosen state of Texas. They offered me a boat load of money to do the job. Finally, with limitations removed, I am stepping fully into my right livelihood.

After my first session I felt a need to do one more short session to address some specific fears and worries from past experiences with a major move. That half hour session again cleared the way for me to fully move out the lingering cloudiness of past issues. I feel incredible and truly am soaring in my life now. I’ve also lost weight. That has to be good. It is like I have physically, and emotionally, lightened up!

Andrea asked me to describe what her sessions are like.. The only description I can give are that they aid one to truly connect with themselves and find out where the blocks are. Andrea is the clearest channel I have ever met and I have met quite a few. It is a pleasure to recommend her to others. May your journey be sweet!”

Lynn Ellis, Brunswick, Maine (and soon Dallas, Texas)


“I feel phenomenal today! … so much energy moved.  Andrea, thank you so much for the amazing session!   As you worked with my energy, the information you shared resonated deep within me.  Your insights were dead on.  Your work is a divine gift and I am so grateful to have connected with you. My energy has completely shifted and I am full of eager anticipation to see what unfolds from here.

I highly recommend  Andrea’s work!”

Jennifer Bloome, www.JenniferBloome.com

“I absolutely love Andrea’s energy work. I have experienced it twice and each time I have been blessed by her knowledge and professionalism. Her work has helped me in numerous way. One way she has helped me is that I am able to focus on things and decipher what my feelings and thoughts were trying to tell me. Another way is that she helps me to relax and enjoy life with her expert way of sharing energy and thoughts that she is able to receive during our sessions. I would recommend her work to everyone. She is a one of a kind and you will love the work she does. Thanks Andrea for everything!”

Lynn Morales, 
Killeen, Texashttp://www.reikibylynn.com


“My short session with Andrea quickly brought forth great insight into two things:  my current health and my potential self-imposed roadblocks. Her warm style set me at ease quickly and the coaching was conversational yet direct.  She assured that I clearly understood the messages by asking questions that forced relative answers.  Having had energy work by other people in many different styles I had never experienced a reading of her style, I was truly impressed by her accuracy.  I can easily see the benefit of another session with her.”

Tam I Am,
artist, author, creative alchemist


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the session we did earlier this week.  I have felt much more grounded and actually FEEL the chakra we worked on “flowing”.  Since I seem to hang out more in my upper chakras it really does feel strange to me to be aware of the lower ones.  I do feel as if I have neglected them over the years and am ready to handle business with Andreas help. 🙂

For anyone looking to get clear… I would highly suggest a session with Andrea.  Thanks again!”

Much love, Cori Alonso


“I can’t say enough about what an amazing person Andrea is, and how much I admire her as a person and a healer. I have experienced firsthand the power of her gifts and she is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with.
When Andrea first mentioned starting her meditation during her webinar, I felt the warmest, most loving and generous energy “electricity”, in my crown chakra, that instantly started to tingle and open.  I had goose bumps all over my body, and felt myself releasing so much, or receiving so much energy that my teeth chattered for a moment.”

Barbara Weaver, Maine

“Working with Andrea Beaudoin was a true pleasure on many levels. Being this was a first time experience, I had no idea what to expect. Immediately, I was grabbed by her thoughtfulness, keen listening to what I was sharing, and her marvelous insight. New to the experience of “clearing” negative energy to make room for more of the good, I did my best to keep an open mind. All I can tell you is from the moment we ended our conversation, I felt as if I have taken a “happy pill”.

Specifically, Andrea’s previous experience in social work and insight helped me to come to terms with a particular relationship and put it to rest. Her advice on how to handle adversaries in the future was brilliant and in alignment with my philosophy. I highly, highly recommend Andrea’s work. I’m smiling as I write!”

Elinor Stutz, Smooth Sale, LLC,www.smoothsale.net


“I have been working with Andrea for the last 6/8 weeks and found it very inspiring.  Andrea has given me most constructive feedback on the work that I teach, The Now Technique.  Through her objective experience, I have learned more about it than with anyone else. Her observations have been clear, honest and precise.  Her capacity to prioritize has been precious in these stages of development of the work.


These attitude and skills are necessary for anyone who is creating a new project and Andrea is contributing them preciously, carefully and timely.  I am also happy and grateful that she has decided to become a facilitator of The Now Technique. I believe that she will be able to pass on to many what I am passing on to her.  Andrea is highly qualified to hold the space for you and with you, and help you to get into your most precious alignment.”


Vincenzo Santiglia, thenowtechnique

Dearest Andrea,

OHHHHH    MY   GOD    !!!!

The emotional, moving of mountains–or should I say scaling the highest peaks in our session, took me longer than usual to fall asleep.  (You know how it is when you are absolutely blissful and can’t get the smile off your face long enough to drift off to sleep?)

I was ASTOUNDED at your ability to tune in to the depths enough to see Lone Star, and the rock climbing and my dear Mother’s death 5 years ago.  And the lighted tree with the huge trunk KEEPS me absolutely in a state of sheer joy and bliss!

So, basically there are no superlatives grand enough to describe the marvelous effects of our session nor to express my gratitude. You’ll just have to FEEL it, and, for you, that’s a piece of cake!

Blessings back! Love, and Gratitude heaped up and flowing over,

Connie …


“The growth I experienced with the Energy Mentorship class with Andrea was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Through my strong connection to Spirit I have the gift of healing, something that comes easily for me. But with working with

Andrea I was able to experience a deeper connection and get new kinds of information for my clients.

Each month I learned new ways to align energy and then set it into practice. My work has always been powerful but now it is a whole new level of healing.

Also, working with Andrea in this past year has raised my vibration. In the past my energy would be great for a time and then

slump for a while. Since working with Andrea my energy is high and if my energy slumps it is only a notch down and never lasts long.

If you are thinking of working with Andrea, think no further, do it and you will be amazed!”    ~Maggie Hickey Wildey


The goal is to align your energy so that you are easily moving toward your goals and the life you want!

“Before working with Andrea I held a dream of my perfect job and life but it seemed way out of my reach.

While working with Andrea, I was able to release my limiting thoughts and beliefs around money and what I can offer to the world. My vision has become clearer and I have been able to take the steps toward creating my dream life and job.

I immediately received a grant to complete my training in Shamanic Energy Medicine. I have gained the confidence to offer my services and I am getting paid well for this.

Andrea has helped me to see my gifts and has helped me to create ways to offer these gifts to the world.

In the third month of working together I was able to take in the most money I have ever received in one month and I am doing what I love!

Andrea has a special gift at seeing what people have to offer, seeing where they limit themselves, and has the skills to help clear those blocks.

Without working with Andrea, I wouldn’t have the confidence in myself that I have today, and the freedom that I feel around money.”

Jaclyn Ouillette,



“A good friend of mine called a few months ago to say that she’d had a fabulous experience with Andrea – a couple of sessions and, ZOOM, her life took off.  I’m so very glad that she told me about Andrea – I got right in to see her, knowing that I would experience a similar release of limitations, and I certainly have. 

I’m no stranger to energy work, so had a good idea of what to expect.  However, Andrea connected with me so quickly that I actually laughed out loud several times!  I would think of something to tell her when next she opened her eyes and she would start to describe information she was receiving that told me she already knew what I had on my mind.  It was remarkable and SO affirming.

I’m looking forward to more work with Andrea through private sessions, her teleclass, and any classes she holds here in Brunswick.

Thanks, Andrea!

Debbie Atwood, Brunswick, Maine


“Since working with Andrea, in a very short time, I have felt incredibly supported and assisted in clearing energies and aligning meridians and so much more!  She is amazing at tuning into the energy and she is extremely accurate.  Her insights are valuable and thought-provoking.  I have to say they are really mind-blowing.

I have been so pleased and impressed with how she will answer any question I have so quickly, and with clear, concise answers that make perfect sense.  She gets right to the point and her techniques bring rapid results and clearing.

I look forward to working with Andrea and experiencing more clarity and healing through this process, and also following her Spirit-guided suggestions and meditations, which are personal and powerful!

I highly recommend Andrea and her personable and sensitive approach, which is deeply appreciated!  She is amazing!”

Betsy,  California


“When I started the sessions, I was unable to connect with any feeling or emotions. I was more of a shell and sleepwalking through my life. I did not have hope or feel like I had the ability to make progress. With the first session, you were able to tap into me and allow me explore where I was feeling broken and hopeless. You were able to help repair the holes and help me see myself in a different light.

I feel completely different and I have the ability to move myself forward. With the work that you have done, I have been able to connect with my emotions, understand where my feelings have been coming from and move past them.
While you are able to work wonders with each passing session, I really did need multiple sessions to get through the layers of issues and neglect. It had taken years to get to where I was and having multiple sessions was perfect.

I would recommend sessions with Andrea for anyone who has an aspect of their life that they would like to improve. She can help you work through your challenges and welcome in the new and repaired you.

I loved how quickly I was able to connect with Andrea, and how she was able to understand me and my issues. It was as easy as talking with my best friend and I felt comfortable from the very start. Additionally, the gentle and caring way that Andrea helps you find your issues and repair them is phenomenal, and I highly recommend her and her work!”

Douglas Bloome, Minnesota

“Being a mother of three kids, a wife, a friend, working full time and running my own business leaves very little time for me.

After realizing I was missing something in my life to feel complete, I reached out to Andrea for some energy coaching.  I was missing something, it is called self nurturing.  I did not realize that I had built up some negative energies that were not allowing things to flow abundantly in my life, because I was always depleting myself until there was nothing left leaving me exhausted and even sick at times.

After one energy clearing session I felt more relaxed, focused and complete.  I felt the negative energy leave and a sense of fulfillment take its place.  I fully understand that I need to take care of myself or I will not be able to take care of anyone else. Andrea has made a difference in my life and I truly get what balance is all about and already feel abundance flowing into my life.  Things have come to me this week (new customers) with no effort.”

Christa Moore, Maine 

Well, goodness! I gave our time together some time, and I must say – to my astonishment and pleasure – that the expectation-of-negative-situations has not recurred! I have moments of thinking about it, but it just has no stickum to it. I didn’t expect there to be a real and lasting effect, but it seems to have occurred!

Lori Kirstein


Late last year I had a series of Lightarian Clearings done with Andrea Beaudoin. Each clearing about 15-20 minutes and they were all very pleasant to receive.

As the weeks have gone on, I have noticed a lightness in my energy and the way I go through my day.

I have had many old memories come to the surface were I have been able to heal and let them go as they are no longer serving me.

This is something that has been very difficult for me to do in the past. I’m having an easier time of it all and also being gentle with myself and how I had chosen to learn my life lessons.

Another wonderful thing that has happened is I’m standing in my own power instead of drowning in everybody else’s and it feels wonderful and very peaceful! I’m also finding it much easier to perceive energy and trust in my own inner guidance! My gifts are starting to open as the blocks are clearing away.

I’m very grateful to have found Andrea’s website and had the Lightarian Clearings done! Many times it is not until we can look back and then see why we needed something as much as we did! 

Many blessings to you!

Anita Earl